Thursday, August 27, 2009

Oh hai! Also, GIVEAWAYS!

*tap tap*

Is this thing on?

So. Um. It's been awhile, huh? Sorry about that. MrXStitch has been keeping me pretty busy. I'm just realizing today that I haven't posted my last few projects on Craftster! Scandalous! I will remedy this soon, however.

Anyway, I've made a pile of stuff since the last post. Some of it you really have to read the flickr post to understand. Here's a few others:

This was for a swap with the amazing Mimi, who I love. She made me this. Yes, I cried when I received it. :)

I made this pattern for The AntiCraft and sent the actual stitch to my craft kindred spirit, Valued Sony Customer, because she is one. :)

This was a big mother. I made this xstitch portrait of Jamie when Ruby42 came up with the idea and pattern and asked me to stitch it because she thought it would make the most sense coming from me.

I was more than happy to do it. He's an awesome guy and a great friend who is always good for a laugh. :) You can hear that for yourself if you listen to the episodes of Emergency Pants podcasts he's made guest appearances on - check them out here.

Speaking of MrXStitch (see what I did there? Seamless segway!) it is the first birthday of the site today! Woo-hoo! To celebrate, we're giving stuff away EVERY DAMN DAY. Seriously! Look for the posts that are titled "Giveaway Time!" each day for the next week and be sure to comment on those posts and you could win! Here's a list of the stuff you could win:
It all starts today with this post. Check it out!