Thursday, November 4, 2010

Just, you know - doing my thing.

So, I made a thing recently. I do that a lot.

The text is a quote from this post by Merlin Mann.

As I designed it, stitched it, and took pictures to share it with the world, I found myself feeling a little weird about it. I've stitched things Merlin Mann has said before. In fact, I've done it three seperate times. I found myself wondering if that might seem a little creepy or weird. Would I get a cease and desist letter? Would my friends and family stage an intervention?

So I was actually a little nervous to share it. It turns out that I did not have to worry, and that it was received very favorably.

The experience has reminded me of something important, though, and that is that I should keep doing what I am doing because I enjoy doing it. End of story.

In Gigantic, the documentary about They Might Be Giants, Ira Glass said that if John Linnell had never been in a band and was a guy with a 9-5 job, he would probably still spend all of his spare time writing songs because that's what he's supposed to do. I really love that idea, and I'd like to think that I'd still be making these odd little things even if I didn't have an internet community to share my work with. I am really glad that I don't have to find out, though. :)


Giggly said...

Yes, yes, keep on doin' whatcha do, do, do!! :D XOXOX-X-X-X said...

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